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om kleem krinaay namah mantr ke fayde

om kleem krishnaya namah mantra ke fayde, ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः मंत्र कब जपना चाहिए, जानिए कृष्ण वशीकरण मन्त्र के फायदे, किन नियमो का पालन करना चाहिए जप के समय |    अगर जीवन में बार बार असफलता मिल रही है, नौकरी में परेशानी आ रही है, प्रेम जीवन में असफल हो रहे हैं, समाज में मान –सम्मान नहीं मिल पा रहा है, घर में क्लेश रहता है तो ऐसे में कृष्ण वशीकरण मन्त्र का जप बहुत फायदेमंद होता है |  इस मन्त्र में माँ काली और कृष्ण, दोनों की शक्ति समाहित है इसीलिए जपकर्ता को बहुत फायदा होता है | om kleem krinaay namah mantr ke fayde धर्म, अर्थ, काम और मोक्ष को देने में समर्थ ये मन्त्र ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः अती उत्तम मंत्रो में से एक है | इस मन्त्र की सिद्धि से जपकर्ता अध्यात्मिक और भौतिक दोनों सुखो को प्राप्त कर सकता है |  श्री कृष्ण भगवान 64 कलाओं में निपुण थे और उनकी माया से सभी परिचित है अतः उनकी कृपा हो जाए तो क्या संभव नहीं हो सकता |  Read in english about om kleem krishnaay namah spell benefits   " ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः " एक चमत्कारिक मन्त्र है और जप करने वाले को जप के दौरान भी दिव्य अन

Luck Enhancing Yoga in Horoscope

Luck Enhancing Yoga In Horoscope, Raj yoga formation in birth chart, Raj yoga astrology reading in kundli.

Rajyoga is one of the favorite subject of astrologer lovers, native having rajyoga in kundli is able to live life successful, love, money, status , everything comes in life smoothly. 

So people are generally excited to know about rajyoga in there horoscope.

all about Luck Enhancing Yoga in Horoscope by best astrologer, best jyotish
Luck Enhancing Yoga in Horoscope

There are many famous rajyoga found in horoscope like Gajkesari yoga, hansa yoga, sinhasan yoga etc. but here in this article of , we will going to know about some special arrangement of planets which generate rajyoga in kundli. 

Some Rajyoga Formation In Horoscope:

  1. If 3 or 4 planets are exalted and present in center houses then the native is very lucky and live life like a king. Person is able to live life with all luxuries, good relationships, good network, good health. 
    formation 1 of rajyoga in vedic astrology
    formation 1 of rajyoga in vedic astrology

  2. In the above image 3 planets - sun, jupiter and saturn are exalted and sitting in center houses and so perfect rajyoga is formed.
  3. If the master of ascendant is exalted and present in destiny house in kundli and the master of destiny house is in lagna then no doubt the native is able to live a very successful life like a king.
    formation 2 of rajyoga in kundli
    rajyoga 2

  4. In the second figure, the master of destiny house i.e. jupiter is present in lagna and the master of lagna i.e. Mars is present in destiny house, so again perfect rajyoga is formed.
  5. If the master of ascendant is exalted and present in 9th house in 9D chart and the master of 9th house of 9D chart is present in Ascendant in Lagn chart then also the native live a very successful life.
    rajyoga 3 formation in chart
    3rd rajyoga formation

  6. In the above figure the venus is the master of ascendant in lagna kundli and is exalted and sitting in 9th house in 9D chart and the master of 9th house in 9D chart i.e. jupiter is present in lagna in lagna chart, hence formed rajyoga.
  7. If mars planet is present in Ist house of kundli and there is 1, 5 or 9 number is present and with this if any friendly planet is watching it then native has rajyoga and live a very successful life as per vedic astrology. 
    formation 4 of rajyoga in birth chart
    formation 4 of rajyoga in birth chart

  8. In the above figure, mars is present of aries and with this Guru is looking at Mars with his fifth vision and so formed rajyoga.
  9. If any 3 powerful and positive planets among Jupiter, mercury, venus or moon is present in 9th house of horoscope then the person become celebrity and known for his or her knowledge in society. This yoga make the person ideal of many ones. 
    5th formation of rajyoga in kundli
    5th formation of rajyoga in kundli

  10. In the above chart, venus, jupiter and moon are present in 9th hosue of native and hence forming rajyoga.
  11. If the birth chart is of aries lagna and Mars is watching sun, Moon is exalted. With this if Venus, Jupiter and Saturn is present of Pisces sign then Rajyoga forms in horoscope. Because of this person is able to live life like a king i.e. with power and luxuries. 
    6th formation of rajyoga in birth chart by astrologer
    6th formation of rajyoga in birth chart

  12. In the above chart, lagna is aries and sun is present there, with this mars is watch it with its 4th vision, sun and moon are exalted, venus, jupiter and saturn are present of pisces sign so rajyoga formed.
  13. If moon and Jupiter is present in center houses in horoscope and venus is watching them, with this if no planet is debilitated in kundli then Rajyoga forms in kundli. Due to this planetary formation native get name and fame in life. 
    formation 7 of rajyoga in horoscope by best astrologer
    formation 7 of rajyoga in horsocope by best astrologer

So above I have reveal 7 combinations of planets which are responsible to form rajyoga in horoscope.  In whatever field you are , if any of these combination is there in your horoscope then no doubt you are able to live a very successful life in this birth. 

Rajyoga helps to make a good network in society, it helps to attract luxuries in life, dominate enemies, and blessed the person with name and fame. 

Watch video here:

How to enhance the Power of Rajyoga in Kundli:

Sometimes it is happened that in-spite of having rajyoga in birth chart, some people are not able to use their potential fully and deprived of happiness as per wish, this happens because of weak planets and so in this case one can enhance the power of planets by using lucky gems stone, right prayers or rituals, lucky colors and so on. An experienced astrologer can help you a lot in revealing the secrets of your horoscope and guide you about how to make life successful.

Through horoscope reading we can know about:

  • Successful career in life.
  • Love marriage or arrange marriage. 
  • Lucky direction to perform rituals to get maximum benefits. 
  • Supportive gems stone to enhance life.
  • Hurdles in life and ways to over come it. 
  • Luck in speculative market. 
  • Is it possible to win lottery.

If you are facing problems in love life, job, legal matters then do show your horoscope and know about the astrology reasons of your struggle in life and get the best ways to minimize the problems of life through occult sciences. 

One of the best jyotish is here to read your kundli, to analyze your horoscope, to provide you the best remedies to make life wonderful, hurdle-free and powerful. 

Make your professional life successful through vedic astrology. 

  • Make your love life successful by using best remedies. 
  • Get rid of your health issues by jyotish secrets. 
  • Overcome from negative energies by using astrology shield.

You can also know about if any rajyoga is present in your horoscope, if you are depriving of success  because of weak rajyoga, what to do to enhance the LUCK in life, how to attract health, wealth and success in life by using occult scienes.

If you have correct birth details i.e. date of birth, time of birth and place of birth then you will be able to get the perfect predictions as per vedic astrology. 

Read about Mahabhagya yoga in astrology

Luck Enhancing Yoga In Horoscope, Raj yoga formation in birth chart, Raj yoga astrology reading in kundli.


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