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om kleem krinaay namah mantr ke fayde

om kleem krishnaya namah mantra ke fayde, ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः मंत्र कब जपना चाहिए, जानिए कृष्ण वशीकरण मन्त्र के फायदे, किन नियमो का पालन करना चाहिए जप के समय |    अगर जीवन में बार बार असफलता मिल रही है, नौकरी में परेशानी आ रही है, प्रेम जीवन में असफल हो रहे हैं, समाज में मान –सम्मान नहीं मिल पा रहा है, घर में क्लेश रहता है तो ऐसे में कृष्ण वशीकरण मन्त्र का जप बहुत फायदेमंद होता है |  इस मन्त्र में माँ काली और कृष्ण, दोनों की शक्ति समाहित है इसीलिए जपकर्ता को बहुत फायदा होता है | om kleem krinaay namah mantr ke fayde धर्म, अर्थ, काम और मोक्ष को देने में समर्थ ये मन्त्र ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः अती उत्तम मंत्रो में से एक है | इस मन्त्र की सिद्धि से जपकर्ता अध्यात्मिक और भौतिक दोनों सुखो को प्राप्त कर सकता है |  श्री कृष्ण भगवान 64 कलाओं में निपुण थे और उनकी माया से सभी परिचित है अतः उनकी कृपा हो जाए तो क्या संभव नहीं हो सकता |  Read in english about om kleem krishnaay namah spell benefits   " ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः " एक चमत्कारिक मन्त्र है और जप करने वाले को जप के दौरान भी दिव्य अन

When To Open Bank Account As Per Astrology

When to open bank account?, how to find best mahurat for opening account in bank, know the shubh muhurat to deposit money in the bank, auspicious day  to perform banking activities. 

Vedic astrology gives us many tips for every segment of life so as to live life successfully.  The rules of jyotish reveals many secrets to use the best date and time to start our new work, new projects to get grand success. In this article we will know about the importance of opening new bank account in auspicious time.

When To Open Bank Account As Per Astrology,
When To Open Bank Account As Per Astrology

Bank is a place where we keep our money in different ways like in savings, in fixed deposit, and in different schemes to multiply it regularly. A sound bank account means having lot of money so as to not think any time to buy or to invest somewhere.

As per vedic astrology when we do any work in auspicious time or in best mahurat then no doubt it helps to achieve success soon.

Everyone want that their bank account always full of money and no doubt tips of astrology will help us to get this. 

Astrology lovers know that there is an impact of stars, planets on every thing and incidence. So if we use the auspicious mahurat to open an BANK ACCOUNT then no doubt it will help us to make our life PROSPEROUS.


Bank account needs the blessings of goddess mahalaxmi and the god Kuber. So it is necessary to use the best day, best nakshatra and best mahurat to attract the prosperity in life. 

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A good time will help us to make good savings and to fulfill our dream to become rich.

It is a fact that destiny moves ahead always but there is another fact that by our hard work we can make a new destiny. So never leave a single step to attract success in life. 

Bank account is necessary for everyone in these days whether you are businessmen, service provider, retired person, labor etc. Now government is enhancing digital payments everywhere so it is necessary to have an account in any bank.  

If you are opening an bank account, demat account, insurance account then do use the tips of vedic astrology which will enhance the success rate in life. 

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Actually this thought is not popular because it is not possible for everyone to use the mahurat to perform every work as per auspicious time but bank account is a very important task, it is just like buying gold and vehicle in Guru pushya mahurat. So always use the best time as per vedic panchang to open a bank account.

If you want to see a good balance in your account, if you want to overcome from your unwanted expenses, if you want to become rich soon then use the best day, best nakshatra and best mahurat as per vedic astrology to open your bank account, insurance account, demat account etc. and see the change in your life yourself. 

When stars support anyone then success comes in life easily, so don’t ignore the importance of planetary powers. Make yourself financial strong by following the tips of jyotish.

Let’s know some important tips to keep in mind while going to open bank account:

  1. We can use the numerology and vedic jyotish to match the name of bank with our name. A right bank will change your life by enhancing the rate of success. 
  2. Regarding opening bank account day, so know the lucky day as per your horoscope and use that day to open your account. 
  3. Next is we can use the sarwarth siddhi yoga as per hindu calendar to open bank account or demat account. If sarwarthsiddhi yoga falls on your lucky day then don’t miss that day.
  4. Commonly we can use the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for prosperity.
  5. Before going to open bank account do recite shree suktam or chant any spell of goddess laxmi. 
  6. Whiling singing the form do remember goddess laxmi or god kuber and ask for blessing.
  7. A very important tip for those who have many bank accounts but don’t use them regularly. Do open your account on regular basis if you have internet banking and check your balance and pray to god and goddess to fill your account with huge amount.
  8. Guru pushy day is a very powerful day to perform banking operation. Do your important transaction on this day. 
  9. Combination of Monday with rohini, hastha or shrawan nakshatra will help you a lot to become prosperous. We can use this day to open bank account. 
  10. Combination of Friday with bharani, poorwafalguni or poorwashada nakshatra is also a good day for banking operation. 
  11. When punarwasu, vishakha, poorwabhadrapad falls on Thursday then the day become auspicious. 
  12. When ashlesha, rewati or jyestha falls on Wednesday then we can use this day to open bank account. 

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Now let’s know some precautions while going for account opening:

  • Don’t use alcohol while going for banking activities. 
  • Do the account opening process when your mood is good. 
  • Avoid any type of conflicts.
  • Don’t go for work if any bad omen take place.  

So in this way by keeping some points we can make our life prosperous. Hopefully in this article my blog readers can know important information about bank opening auspicious time. 

Use these astrology tips and make your life successful. 

||ॐ श्रीं श्रिये नमः||

When to open bank account?, how to find best mahurat for opening account in bank, know the shubh muhurat to deposit money in the bank, कब खोले बैंक अकाउंट, auspicious day  to perform banking activities. 


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