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aanewale saptah ka panchang aur rashifal

Upcoming panchang and rashifal, 25 September To 01 october 2022 predictions , किन राशी वालो का भाग्य चमकेगा इस सप्ताह, साप्ताहिक राशिफल, love rashifal, जानिए कौन से महत्त्वपूर्ण दिन मिलेंगे आने वाले सप्ताह में | इस सप्ताह 2 सर्वार्थ सिद्धि के योग मिलेंगे : 25 सितम्बर रविवार को सूर्योदय से रात्री अंत तक | 30 तारीख शुक्रवार को 6:06 प्रातः से  रात्रि को 5 बजे तक | aanewale saptah ka panchang aur rashifal आइये अब जानते हैं की आने वाले सप्ताह में कौन कौन से महत्त्वपूर्ण दिन मिलेंगे हमे : शिव चतुर्दशी और चौदस श्राद्ध 24 को है | पितृ मोक्ष अमावस्या 25 सितम्बर को है | नवरात्री घट स्थापना  26 तारीख सोमवार को होगा | विनायकी चत्रुथी व्रत 29 सितम्बर को है | Read about Shraadh paksh in 2022 आइये अब जान लेते हैं किन राशि वालो के जीवन में ज्यादा बदलाव नजर आ सकता है  25 September To 01 october 2022 के बीच : : सप्ताह के शुरुआत में अर्थात 26 और 27 सितम्बर को  : सप्ताह के शुरुआत में अर्थात 26 और 27 सितम्बर को कन्या और मीन राशि के लोगो को जीवन में ज्यादा बदलाव महसूस होगा | कन्या राशि के लोगो के अ

Tips to know before consulting astrologer

Tips to know before consulting astrologer, how astrology helps a person to live a good life?

 Vedic astrologer knows the language of planets, stars, constellations and on this basis predictions are done related to personality, future happenings, weather forecasting etc. 

Professional astrologers have in-depth knowledge of principles of astrology and are able to reveal the secrets of life by their experience. 

Astrology is not a magic but a maths to know the life and so it is necessary to keep some points in mind before consulting astrologer. 


Tips to know before consulting astrologer, how astrology helps a person to live a good life?.
Tips to know before consulting astrologer

ज्योतिषी से परामर्श करने से पहले किन बातो का ध्यान रखना चाहिए?

What is the meaning of horoscope reading?

Birth chart reading means to analyze the power and positions of 9 planets present in chart and to predict about person. Horoscope reading is the most important part of in vedic astrology to make prediction. When we see our horoscope then we can see that 9 planets are present in different houses. These arrangement affect the different segment of life.

An experienced astrologer is able to predict the life of a person by reading the kundli. 

We can know many things by horoscope reading like as -

  • How will be Career?
  • Financial status in future
  • Marital life happiness
  • Success in love life
  • Health issues 
  • Personality development  etc.

What is necessary for correct reading from astrologer?

If you want correct reading then it is necessary to provide some information i.e. correct date of birth, correct place of birth and correct time of birth. After taking these information astrologer is able to make horoscope which reveals the life of a person. 

One can book consultation online by sending email or using whatsapp after paying the fees.

Charges depends upon the service you want like only individual chart reading, match making, black magic analysis, vastu consultation etc.

Can astrologer change the destiny?

As I said above that astrology is not a magical subject but a maths so it is not possible to change the destiny of a person. Genuine astrologer do not mislead anyone and tell the truth about life and also guide to make life wonderful by using some tips. Astrologer also reveal about bad and good periods in life.

What we can know from our horoscope reading?

Through birth chart reading we can know many things related to personality, marriage life, health, love life, career, etc.

  • How will be my love life?
  • When will I get job?
  • When will I get married?
  • How will be my financial status?
  • Should I try for government job?
  • Is business good for me?
  • Reasons of failure in love life.
  • When I will have a baby?
  • Why I am suffering from health issues?
  • Which is the lucky gem stone for me ?
  • Why debt is increasing day by day?
  • When will I have my own house?
  • What to do to enhance my studies?
  • Why I am getting depressed?
  • Which planets are strong in my birth-chart/horoscope?
  • Which planets are problematic in my horoscope? 
  • What can I do to improve my financial situation?
  • Which are the bad yogas present in my birth chart?
  • Is there raj yoga in my chart?
  • Why I am not getting success in-spite of having rajyoga in my horoscope?
  • Which pooja or worship is good for me?
  • Am I suffering from evil eye effect?

So through horoscope reading it is possible to know many things about life. Vedic astrology is very helpful to take good decision about life to make it successful. 

Tips to know before consulting astrologer, how astrology helps a person to live a good life?.


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